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Leyla Milani Hair Gold Edition Miracle Brush

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Dhs. 153.10

Leyla Milani Hair Gold Edition Miracle Brush

The All New GOLD EDITION MIRACLE BRUSH® is here! Luxury in the palm of your hand, the same world famous brush is now dripping in gold.

The Miracle Brush® is a natural boar/nylon bristle paddle brush and is the perfect tool for styling all hair types and hair extensions. 


The Miracle Brush® is gentle on the scalp and is the best brush for smaller children.

This paddle brush is best used for detangling tough hair, as well as tangled hair extensions from Leyla Milani Hair.
Say farewell to fly-aways for good! This boar and nylon paddle brush is one of the best brushes for reducing static when you’re brushing your hair. 
   * Beautifully smoothes and detangles your hair without pulling. 

   * Oval cushion brush comes with a perfectly balanced combination of natural boar bristles and nylon bristles with a finished, soft edge.

   * Duo bristles penetrate and glide smoothly through the hair, boosting shine and adding volume.  

   * Smooth handle feel great in your hand while the bristles feel great on your scalp.
  Perfect for all hair types and excellent to use with your Leyla Milani Hair extensions.

  *No animals are harmed in the collection of the boar bristles.