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2 The Ordinary Glycolic Acid the Ordinary - WITH ORIGINAL HOLOGRAM - 240 ml Glycolic Acid Toner 7% Toning Resurfacing Solution, Exfoliate and Rejuvenate skin, Solution for Blemishes and Acne

Dhs. 170.00
  • [AUTHENTIC THE ORDINARY GLYCOLIC ACID ] Original with Hologram from trusted UAE distributor MIGILAN. Scan the hologram for guaranteed product originality and your safety.
  • [ PREVENT SKIN AGING ] Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Resurfacing Solution contains plant extracts . Therefore , it can promote the synthesis of collagen in the dermis , thus preventing skin aging.
  • [ RIGHTEN SKIN COLOUR ] With regular use, This treatment gently resurfaces the skin to promote a bright, even tone and a smooth, soft texture.
  • [ MOISTURIZE EFFECT ] Moisturize and strengthen skin barrier ,improve blemishes and acne,astringe pores,gently remove cutin.240ml.
  • [ SUITABLE SKIN TYPE ] Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, mature skin. Precautions:Sensitive, peeling, damaged skin should not be used.
  • [ IMPROVE SKIN APPEARANCE ] 7% Toning:This 7% toner gently exfoliates and improves skin clarity. also improves the appearance of skin texture with continued use.
  • [ NOTE ] Acid products will make skin more sensitive to ultraviolet radiationDuring the use of this product, please pay attention to sunscreenand try to avoid exposing your skin to the sun.

HOW TO USE: 1. First,clean the face. 2. Soak the cotton piece with our product , gently sweep the face skin , and avoid the parts around the eyes . This product is not suitable for sensitive,peeling or damaged skin. 3. Acid products will make skin more sensitive to ultravioletradiation . During the use of this product , please pay attention to sunscreen and try to avoid exposing your skin to the sun.